The Southern Wind

Film story

Despite its many advantages, the geostrategic position of Serbia has caused many troubles for its citizens throughout its history. During the past several decades, such “favorable” geolocation made Serbia the “crossroad” and placed it at the main stage of the “drug route” – connecting Middle East with Europe. There are countless ways in which drug, modern society’s most serious disease, can affect lives of people, whether they are directly related to it like criminals and addicts, as well as those who by pure coincidence become trapped in this “game”. “The Southern Wind” aims to tell a story about one such game. The life of Petar Maraš, young car smuggler from Belgrade, suddenly starts to get more sense. He’s leaving his family home and moving into a new flat with his long-time girlfriend Sonya. The clan which he works for, that is led by a “King”, does a great job. Work is well-functioning, there’s plenty of cash for everybody and police makes no trouble to the clan. However, all of that is going to suddenly change after Maraš accidentally steals a wrong car.

I’ve made this scenario with an obligation to pass on, in an educative manner, to the young generations all the experiences that I’ve been through as a kid who grew up on streets of Belgrade’s suburb – Mirijevo – during the 90’s, surrounded by extreme violence and poverty, in a world without heroes. This script is dedicated to all of my deceased friends lost during that period, and the hero of the film speaks on their behalf.”
Miloš Avramović

About “The Southern Wind”

“The Southern Wind” is an exciting, realistic story about Belgrade’s underground. It’s inspired by authentic experiences of people who were involved in the criminal activities and reflects the fundamental battle between the good and the evil. It’s an educative story for the young in Serbia, told through intertwined faits of their peers and all of those who have desperately wished and fought for a better life, but made the wrong choice. This specific film project has gathered a team of young authors. Despite being young, all of them already have very strong track records in their areas of cinematography, and all of them have tackled this project with great enthusiasm and energy.