The Embassy

The Embassy is a political thriller placed in fictitious country called Kaledonia. Archangel Studios was the executive production house of this series. Moscow-based production house – Kinostudio Medved – together with authors of the series directed by Artyom Aksenyenko decided that filming takes place in Serbia. Visual identity of Serbia combined with local filming experts enabled the series to shine to its fullest potential. Central actors of the series are delegates of Russian Embassy in Kaledonia, who are victims of dangerous political setups. In the midst of spy activities, high-level plots, kidnapping, murders and shooting assaults, a gentle love story unfolds. Acting team consists of pleiad of Russian and Serbian actors: Igor Livanov, Gela Meshi, Vitali Kišenko, Dajan Požarskaja, Nebojša Milovanović, Nenad Hadži-Maričić, Stojan Dorđević, Mateja Popović, Vaja Dujović.